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 Celebratin' with the Dragon

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PostSubject: Celebratin' with the Dragon   Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:13 pm

Hey! It's Brady and I gotta tell you - last night was soooo cool!

Last night Firewing stayed up to see how we celebrated the New Year. A lot of our neighbors were celebrating and had small parties going at their houses. We didn't go to any of their parties – we just had one of our own – you know, we try to keep the dragon out of sight of the neighbors.

Have I ever told you about our house and our street? We live in a small town in southern California called Pandora Cove. Don't bother trying to find it on the map, it's a small town and for some reason they just don't seem to ever put it on a stupid map. Anyway, our house is the greatest. It looks like a castle. Really. Well, maybe not as big as a real castle, but it's still pretty big and it's really cool. It's not like any of the other houses on our street that all look exactly alike. Matter of fact, we live on a cul- de-sac so Ry says the other houses are like pawns protecting the king (us) who live in the castle. I know. It's corny but it is kinda cool to think of it like that

Our house is huge (which is a good thing when you have a dragon…even if it is a miniature sized hatchling). Our back yard is really big too and there's no neighbors back there – just a little wooded area around the fringe of our yard – it's kinda like having our own private little forest. It's a great place to play hide and seek…you know, like when we were little kids.

Anyway, Sean and Kylie were visiting for the holidays and we were having our own little party in the family room – watching the TV specials, playing arcade games (Cosmic Kingdom of course), and having some fun when Firewing must've been looking out the windows and saw some of the neighbor kids running up and down the street with sparkers. He got all excited and started flaming his wings (sorry Mom, Sean had the fire extinguisher handy so the tile only got a little singed – I'll scrub it today and make it shine I promise – there wasn't any real damage, I swear!) Out in the backyard Firewing was running around and puffing out little flame shapes – kinda like some people can blow smoke rings - we found out he can blow different shaped flames. It was pretty cool. But, he was excited and started flaming his wings and before we knew it he was flying and making all kinds of shapes and pictures with the flames in the sky – his own version of fireworks. It was GREAT!!

We did get a little nervous when the neighbors started coming over to find out what kind of fireworks we had. Ry talked to the neighbors while I told Firewing in Dragonese to quit flaming!! (I hope my voice changes soon so I can make those low growly sounds in Dragonese better – at least Firewing can understand me!) Anyway, we had to make Firewing come down and hide with me in the forest and stay still and be really quiet so the neighbors don't find him. Mom says we're not zoned for dragons in our neighborhood. Ry just told the neighbors that we found some special fireworks when we were away – didn't get them locally…well, it's not exactly a lie, we found Firewing in the Netherscape, that's not exactly local.

Anyway, the New Year is off to a great start! We had a blast celebrating – how about you?

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Celebratin' with the Dragon
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