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 Barbegazi & Bogeymen

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Prof Washington


Number of posts : 16
Location : Greenbrier Academy/Netherscape Realm
Registration date : 2008-07-19

PostSubject: Barbegazi & Bogeymen   Thu Oct 01, 2009 12:10 am

Today's lesson will feature some "wild things" from the Netherscape. The Barbegazi are really a misunderstood nation - particularly by humans who always jump at the first conclusion that pops into their minds.

This nation looks very similar to other gnomes, except for the copious amount of long pure white hair, almost like fur, they grow all over their bodies. It is so cold in the mountain peaks where they live the males actually have icicles in their long white beards - this is quite pretty when the sun catches it the right way. They live in the snowiest mountain peaks and hibernate in warm weather. Barbegazi are much shorter than human men and vary from an average to a stocky build. They have pointed ears and ice-blue eyes.

It is very rare to see a Barbegazi until the temperatures have plunged well below zero. The Barbegazi come out of hibernation on the first good heavy snowfall. They are different from other gnomes in the fact that they have large flat feet which come in very handy for digging tunnels, walking across the snow, and skiing. If they feel threatened, they can completely cover themselves in snow in a matter of seconds to hide till the danger passes then easily dig themselves out again, no matter how deep they were buried. We noticed a lot of the children doing this then jumping out to surprise their friends that pass by them.

These gnomes dress in pure white from head to foot to easily blend in with the glistening mountain snow. They wear jackets that are unisex in design making it hard to differentiate one from another (even between male and female) from a distance…which can actually prove to be quite embarrassing. Of course if you are watching someone make that mistake, it can be quite entertaining as well (sorry Sean, but it was funny!) - and way up in those snowy mountain peaks you take your entertainment wherever you can get it!

The Barbegazi communicate through a whistling language often mistaken for the wind howling and whistling through the mountain peaks; Brady was the only one of us that could really pick up the language, but he seems to have a knack for that sort of thing. They live in complex cave and tunnel dwellings they excavate at the mountain summits. Entrances to their cave dwellings are curtained in shimmery icicles.

They are friendly folk who love to frolic with their family and friends in wintry activities like skiing and snowball fights.

They are the caretakers of the mountains and take this responsibility very seriously. The Barbegazi are always willing to help a lost mountaineer as long as the mountaineer has been respectful and not damaged the environment. They will provide him with food and shelter until he is strong enough and ready to travel in the frosty wilderness.

The Barbegazi also are sure to warn wandering mountaineers of oncoming avalanches as humans are quite frail in those circumstances. When there are no wayward humans about, though, there is no greater natural thrill to these playful little guys than riding an avalanche down the mountainside just as a surfer might ride a large wave.

Bogeymen: These are malevolent, ethereal creatures that can be truly evil or troublemakers that are annoying but harmless. These are shapeshifters that can move objects and cause disruptions. Like ghosts, these beings tend to “haunt” a family rather than an individual. Often, after getting to know the family they are staying with, they become close friends with the family and play with the children.

As always, I am, available for any questions or comments either here in the classroom or you can meet me in my office.

Until next time...

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Barbegazi & Bogeymen
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