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Prof Washington


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PostSubject: Pixies   Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:56 pm

Pixies (or Piskies) are small people who often live on the moors. They are a rather secretive race and are part of the fairy folk family. They have pointed ears, often wear the colors of nature, particularly greens and browns. They like hats and often feel quite undressed without one. They prefer tiny green pointed hats fashioned from delicate leaves or the caps of acorn shells. One feature that makes them most distinctive from their fairy cousins is that their eyes are pointed upwards at the temple ends.

They inhabit the whole world, but cannot be found anywhere, because they are very good at hiding from humans. In fact, few Pixies have ever been seen by humans, and most of them now reside in the Netherscape with the rest of the magical folk. At the beginning of time Pixies flourished, but they were hunted to near-extinction by the Leprechauns, who only wanted their pixie dust which has magical qualities including the ability to give earth-bound folk the fanciful ability of flight. Now pixies who remain in our realm are often found in the dark underbelly of creation where human eyes dare not look, for fear of pixie poachers. Sometimes pixies appear to humans and cast spells and sprinkle some pixie dust, just to let us know that Pixies are still alive. They are a fun loving race and love a good practical joke. Their eyes twinkle merrily and their laughter is quite contagious. This often leads to trouble, Or trouble leads to them. It is difficult to ascertain which follows which, but the two usually go hand in hand.

They are fond of dancing and music and, like their cousins the brownies and leprechauns, have an altruistic demeanor and are very helpful to humans – particularly widows and families in need. By their mere presence they bring blessings to those who believe in them and the Old Ways, and reward kindness and consideration. They are very perceptive and seem to know what their adoptive families need the most – not just food and firewood and shelter, although they are abundantly generous with that, but they also leave little reminders to their adoptive families that there is love to be found in every corner of the world.

They are great explorers, familiar with hidden sources of streams and caves and hidden caverns by the oceans and hidden underground passageways.

Pixies, although very small, have humanoid characteristics and origins, where their fairy cousins are spirit forces. As sometimes happens, even in the fantasy realms, these cousins simply do not get along. They have been battling since the Great Goblin Battle of 613 when they began arguing over which race was to be the official guardian of the Wizard Merlin’s magical dragon stone ring. Their arguments erupted so loudly Merlin himself heard them from a distant realm and came to solve the discrepancy making the Pixies guardians of his dragon stone ring and the Fairies guardians of his favorite gazing crystal. The vanity of the two tiny kingdoms has kept them apart (for the most part) ever since. Did I mention they have a real talent for getting into trouble?
Minor Pixies range from two to five inches in height. They appear in various pastel colors. Their thin wings drizzle pixie dust when flapped or shaken violently. Analysis of the minor Pixie genetic structure has shown them to be closely related to angels, fairies and elves.

Major Pixies range between 4ft to 5ft 1". They appear like normal, if short, humans beings, and can blend into society when they so choose. They use magic and clever tailoring to conceal their wings.

Analysis of the genetic structure of the major Pixie gene indicates they are 30% magic, 30% pure pixie , 10% cute, 15% angel, 10% fairy and 5% elf.

Pixie Dust is also the computational mechanism for modern computers. Older computers used Bunyips, but it seems Pixie Dust is more magical and more compact and less likely to nip at a computer tech’s fingers.

Pixie Abilities

Besides the ability to get into trouble, Pixies have many many magical powers such as the ability to make Pixie Dust, the ability to disappear and reappear at will, they can fly, dance, flutter, travel at great speeds, be dumb whenever the occasion calls for it, cast Pixie Spells which they use to do anything they want, Pixies have many many spells which all do different things. All in all there are far to many magical qualities to name in a single class.

Read more about them in The Destineers' Journal of Fantasy Nations
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